In the workshop

Here are the pieces in my workshop at DarbaVieta (Riga, Latvia) before they were sent off to New York. Pardon the blurry pics - most of them are taken during late hours. 
It is my obligation to remind you that all pieces are crocheted not knitted :)

All pieces
designed by Leila Shams
made by Linda Skuja


On the runway of New York Fashion Week again

If you've been wondering what have I been up to all December long... here it is - I made 7 crochet pieces for Leila Shams Fall/Winter 2014 collection that was shown during New York Fashion Week on 12th of February. 

Leila's a great designer and I was really happy to work for her again. Her aesthetic is close to my avant-garde side of style - so applause to her for daring to make it real and wearable. 

After sending her the first pieces I received a flattering review from her: "Linda from Eleven Handmade is amazing! I sent her this Fall 14 sketch and got this perfect sample unbelievably fast. I work with giant factories in China that can't pull that off in months! We met on Etsy - I hope this is the future of sourcing - designers working with designers".

HERE's a video from her show.

You might remember that I made few pieces also for her Fall 2012 collection. Read more about it HERE

I will tell more about the pieces in the following posts. Very soon.


Inside Crochet Top 10

Happy to see Torquay Jumper as #4 in Inside Crochet editors' favorite designs list!

Photo by Britt Spring

Here's what Claire Montgomerie says about it: 

"A hit with her first pattern for the magazine, Linda also has a lovely top for summer in issue 44. This sweater is in the list because it is so versatile - make it in cotton for summer and wool for winter. The dropped stitch technique is really original and fun to work. This was the first sun we ever had on a shoot, believe it or not! The sweater was perfect wear for a balmy summers day."

See the full list HERE

Get the pattern in US and UK terms HERE (Ravelry), HERE-US / HERE-UK (Craftsy) and HERE (Etsy).


London Cardigan 2.0 - updated crochet pattern

Seeing that London Cardigan has been one of the most popular patterns since 2011, I've decided to update it with clearer instructions, different (more common) wording and some additional schemes. 
Nevertheless - I've also decided to reduce its' price. Yay!

As usual - Ravelers and Craftsy folks will receive a notice about the update. Etsians can send me a message with their order number, and I will be happy to send the updated pattern. This is relevant to all London Cardigan patterns bought before February 1st, 2014.

Find the new updated pattern
HERE (Ravelry),
HERE (Craftsy),
HERE (Etsy).