Explaining Triangle Cowl Pattern

I have received several questions regarding some instructions in Triangle Cowl pattern recently. So I thought I would clear it up.

Q: What does "stepping to the necessary place" in Round 20 mean? 
A: It is an additional instruction. All necessary "steps"/stitches are written after the dash. You will be working the indicated slip stitches that will bring you to the necessary place to start the next round. 

Q: How long does it take to make the Triangle Cowl?

A: It depends on how fast you are working. I have received a customer review that average time for making the Triangle Cowl for the first time is 5-6 hours. The next ones will take about 3 hours. However this highly depends on both: the speed you are reading the pattern and the speed of crocheting. 
I hope this helped!

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Crochet Cables Cowl - free pattern

This morning I received sad news - Tangled online magazine has come to an end. Their site will be available till the end of October. Be sure to stop by and download their great patterns.

© Brittany Tyler

There are also good news - my Crochet Cables Cowl pattern (from their Nearly Fall, 2012 issue) will be available as free Ravelry and Craftsy download from now on.

© Brittany Tyler

Get the pattern HERE (Ravelry) and HERE (Craftsy).


Collection of favorite fall crochet tops and sweaters patterns

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A variety of techniques are represented in this collection of fall sweaters - cables, tunisian, shred stitches and colorwork.
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Eyes Cowl & Forks Hat - two new crochet patterns

I'm happy to share another pattern in "eyes" series - Eyes Cowl, together with Forks Hat pattern. The "forks" stripes are well-matched in both pieces. 
I'd say it's another potential Christmas gift for intermediate crocheters!

The smaller hook used for the ribbing of the hat will give a great fit, the neon gives just the perfect amount of color pop. You can choose between 3 sizes.
Another thing you'll love about both pieces - they're seamless!  

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Photos by Gita Sprince
Model - Ieva