Forks Sweater - crochet pattern

The lacey Forks sweater is designed in a smart way - making the illusion of "forks" to hug you from both sides.

The drop sleeve style sweater is constructed a bit loose on body, but sleeves are close fitted. Instructions and schematics will help you to choose the right sleeve size.

 Sizes available: XS/S [M; L; XL; 2XL]

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Photos by Chriss Banzai
Edited by Jonathan January


Slip stitch short rows

Another new thing I learnt recently is slip stitch short rows. I am so grateful for THIS tutorial from Designing Vashti (have you seen her newsletter? - it is awesome!). 
I must admit - I was very sceptical about slip stitch crochet first. I thought it would be snail-ishly (is that a word?) slow. But this technique seemed interesting enough to try it out.

There were two things that concerned me when I was first trying out this technique - 
1) I thought it would go very slowly; 
2) too many stitch markers and too many slip stitches. 

I was actually surprised how fast it went, and when I understood the technique - how easy it was! 
Couldn't be more thankful for Vashtis' very detailed photo-tutorial.

Wouldn't it look just lovely in a self-striping yarn?


Flash Cowl - new crochet pattern

I am actually wearing this cowl now as I write this post. And I seriously just want to grab my bike and go for a long nice ride. If there weren't for snow and ice (and a bit of cold weather), I'd definitely do so...
On the other hand - while the winter is still here, I have bunch of time to make crochet goodies for spring. Like this one...

I made this cowl in a lovely 100% merino wool, and added a flash of hot pink color for that eye-catching moment. The stitch pattern is pretty easy yet bold and rich (and who doesn't want to be look bold and rich?!). 
The cowl is a lot of fun to make, and I hope the complimentary row-by-row pictures that I added in the pattern will help to get you started.

You will need just 2 (CA) + 1 (CB) skeins (3 x 50 g) of sport weight yarn and H/5mm hook. I have set the skill level as - Intermediate, but honestly it is rather easy-ish.

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Photos by Chriss Banzai, Linda Skuja


New thing for me - tunisian crochet cables

As I promised in the newsletter - I will be showing off the new techniques I have learnt recently. They are not new generally, but new for me.

So the first technique is tunisian crochet cables I learnt from Kim Guzmans' book "Tunisian Cables to Crochet". I was actually not a tunisian crochet person before (I am a huge fan of cables though), but when I saw that book I knew I wanted it. I ordered the book and a set of tunisian hooks. 

I was so thrilled to receive them! Actually it was really busy time for me back then, but I managed to find a little "free time" to learn the new technique - at 2 am...
The book is so well written, and the instructions are so clear - it took me only 15 minutes to master the cables. 

Now I totally love tunisian crochet, especially tunisian crochet cables! That's the way to go, Kim - now you got another devoted tunisian croceht fan! 

And I can't wait for Kim's next book "Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide" to come out - it's a must have.

Have you tried tunisian cables? Did you loved them?



Triangle Cowl Updated

I'm happy to report that I have completely re-written the Triangle Cowl pattern and have also added detailed pictures, schemes and explanations to it. 

The messages about the update have been sent out to the buyers on Ravelry. The download file has also been changed on both Craftsy and Patternfish. If you have purchased the patten on Etsy, let me know your order # and I will send the new version to you.

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I hope you'll enjoy it!