Shred Stitch

I’ve been using the shred stitch in few of my latest designs. When I did a little digging about wheather it already exists I found this post on Crochet Spot where a similar technique is called a faux drop stitch using solomon knot.  A similar technique is also used in this drop-stitch scarf.
The equivalent in knitting is called a dropped stitch – that’s where it visually comes from.
Knitted dropped stitches were my inspiration

There is already a stitch called drop stitch in crochet – but the idea of it is not the same as for the knitted dropped stitch. 
As my variation was a bit different as seen before, I decided to come up with a new name for it (in crochet) and called it a  
shred stitch (shr st)

What distinguishes the faux drop stitch / drop-stitch from shred stitch?

If you know my aesthetics you know I like everything imperfect, shredded, ripped, assymetrical – in other words interesting and not boring. I first used the shred stitch in my Hobo Sweater back in 2011.
So the thing that distinguishes shred stitch from other dropped stitches is that it is not secured at the end and it creates more careless and floppy look – just as I like it. 
Knitted dropped stitches were my inspiration

All crochet dropped stitch crochet patterns that I have seen so far have straight line (or lines) of dropped stitches in them. The thing I love the most about the shred stitch is it’s increases and decreases.

I am making a step-by-step photo tutorial, and I have drawn a chart that will also help you on your way to shredded goodness.  
A new pattern including photo tutorial of shred stitch will be released later this week. 
So stay tuned! 

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