Crochet on the Runways of Fashion Weeks

Let’s put the spring aside for a bit and look into the future. It’s not a secret I’m a fan of fashion weeks. It is impossible to go through all of the pictures, but I have spotted crochet pieces in some of the fall-winter 2013/2014 collections. 

It can be pretty hard to tell if it is actual crochet from pictures, but I’m 90% sure these are actually crocheted (I zoomed them in).


Some of my favorites included these John Rocha dresses – crocheted vertically sideways. 

John Rocha AW 2013 @ London Fashion Week

I also liked his motif dresses.  

John Rocha AW 2013 @ London Fashion Week

And what would you say about these pieces by Rodarte? I’d like to point out that the blonde one is latvian model Ginta Lapiņa. So – yay! for latvians (again).  :)

Rodarte FW 2013 @ New York Fashion Week

As always – Catherine Malandrino is including feminine crochet pieces in her collections.

Catherine Malandrino FW 2013 @ New York Fashion Week

Crochet sweaters by Company of Strangers. 

Company of Strangers AW 2013 @ New Zealand Fashion Week

Although the rest of Leandro Cano's collection was very wearable, this crochet piece definitely stood out with its’ avant-garde vibe.

Leandro Cano FW 2013 @ Berlin Fashion Week

What do you think? Any favorites?

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  1. Zaļā un melnā kleita man patīk - gan raksti, gan modeļi.
    Malandrino modeļiem labāk patīk raksti, bet meita noteikti balsotu par Strangers džemperiem.