What it takes to be a crochet/pattern designer

I have heard people saying to/about me – „it’s so easy to sell patterns! You don’t have to do anything – just wait for the customers to come in, and then send off the pattern (or even better – let the server do it).
Let me tell you something – you won’t be a successful crochet/pattern designer with that kind of thinking. 
Here are some everyday things I have to deal with: 
First of all – making a pattern
takes a lot more than you could think of. Designing, sketching, swatching, making scematics, sizing, doing the math, ripping off (several times) to make the design exactly as you envisioned it, blocking, finishing, pattern writting, charting, testing, tech editing, taking photos, styling, editing.... these are just some things that have to be done (and I could write a book of each and every one of them). And it takes a lot more than just making that item. Designing a pattern can take up to several months.
„It’s so easy to sell patterns!" and "You don't have to do anything" - fails big time here.

Pattern support
is also a daily routine of a crochet designer. Believe me – it’s not easy to provide a pattern support to a customer for a pattern that you have made 2-3 years ago. I really can’t remember what have I written those years ago. Then I have to dig in, re-remember what I meant and explain it to the customer.
"You don't have to do anything" - fails so much.
Be up-to-date
I think that’s the most important part of being successful. You can’t just sleep on your laurels, but have to think one step ahead instead. I am always working on new designs and patterns, and I never know which one of them will be and which one won’t be a successful design. Sometimes I really love a design, but I never know if my customers will love it. And sometimes I’m just putting something average out there, and – bam! – it’s a huge success. So you never know. I am inspired by beautiful things around me, colors, music, art and runway fashion, and I think it’s always good to aim for higher goals. The main thing is to stay true to yourself and your aesthetics.
"You don't have to do anything" - fails again!
Be active
When I’ll grow up and be a big hookstar – I will have a PR team in my Empire. But for now – it’s just me. I have to promote myself and interact with my customers and crochet friends (and I love this part!). Sometimes I sure feel small and invisible, but the main thing here is to be active and available. Make a blog or web page. Provide all the social networks where people can find you, spread the word, tell the world about yourself. Don’t be afraid. There will always be people who won’t like you. Well, as I say – it’s their loss. Share things you like and care about (like on Pinterest) – that way people will see more sides of you. Try to get published – it’s a great way to be seen.
„It’s so easy to sell patterns!" and "You don't have to do anything" - fails over and over again...

Above all – just DO what you LOVE!

 xo - L.

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  1. Linda,Tu mīli savu darbu, un tas ir galvenais! Un to var redzēt. Un ja cilvēkiem, liekas, ka tas ir viegli, tas, ko Tu dari, tad viņi nezin to, ko nozīmē mīlēt? Mīlestība nekad nav bijusi viegla lieta, jo tāpēc, ka tai ir jāatdod sevi visu. Kas to nedara, tas arī nesapratīs ne mīlestību, ne arī to ko dara cilvēks, kas mīl savu darbu! Uz priekšu, mazā!:) Laimīgu Jauno 2013.gadu!