2012 Round Up

What a year this one has been... in one word – AMAZING!
Here’s a little conclusion:

  • Number of designs (with patterns) released in 2012: 20
  • Number of international publications: 3 (Florette Scarf in Crochet! Magazine; Cabled Cowl in Tangled; Polka Hat in Interweave Crochet Accessories 2012)
  • Number of awards: 1 (Freya Dress – 2nd place at CGOA design competition)
  • Membership in organizations: 2 (CGOA , CLF)
  • Education: completed a Design course offered by University of Pennsylvania

           (Now – drum roll, please...)

  • Although it wasn’t quite my big moment, it was huge for me – making garments for New York Fashion Week. I still can’t believe I did it!  


I would like to highlight my Top 3 most successful designs released in 2012: 

Triangle Cowl

Riga Scarf
Galactic Orbits Top

What’s next?
I really don’t know... ok, there are some designs to be released in the near future, probably also some publications coming up... I've been inspired by tunisian crochet lately - you will see some of it from me as well. But besides it – I really don’t have a clue what next year will bring. And that's the most interesting part, I think.


Thanks to all of my readers and followers!
Happy New Year and I'll see you next year!


An Interview With Simon Doonan

Today I wanted to share some good reading - an interview with Simon Doonan (Creative Ambassador-at-Large for Barneys, author, cultural observer, window dresser). 
He shares his perspective on relations between fine art, craft, fashion and style - which I find very interesting topic to think about.  

Read the full interview HERE

Screenshot from Etsy.com



...the color of the year 2013 is.... 
drumroll please....

EMERALD 17-5641

I didn't believe it, but I'm actually very happy. 
I so love this color!

Pictures from: pantone.com