3 years bloggiversary!

3 years already!?! It seems like it was yesterday when I wrote my first post in here. 
As you can see the blog has changed a lot since its' beginnings in 2009. Recently it has become more personal and maybe not so crochet related. I am still showing off my designs and patterns here, and hopefully those are things that won't change so soon. 
Great thanks to the followers and readers!

Jau 3 gadi!?! Liekas, ka tas bija tikai vakar, kad šeit veicu pirmo ierakstu.
Kā redzat, blogs ir ļoti mainījies kopš tā pirmsākumiem 2009. gadā. Nesen tas piedzīvoja pārmaiņas un nu ir kļuvis personīgāks un mazāk saistīts ar tamborēšanu. Vēl joprojām šeit atrādu savus dizainus un aprakstus. Cerams, ka tās ir lietas, kas tik drīz nemainīsies.
Liels paldies bloga sekotājiem un lasītājiem!
Picture from: John's Corfu World


What's gonna be THE next COLOR of 2013?

Just a few days left till Pantone will announce the new color of the year 2013. 
So excited for that!

This year it was Tangerine Tango. It is presented in their both Spring 2012 and Fall 2012 color reports.

The color report for Spring 2013 has been released for a while,
so I'm guessing it will be one of the colors that are already there. 

My first guess is - Dusk Blue - as it was represented in lots of SS 2013 runway collections.  
The second guess is Tender Shoots (that comes from Chartreuse color family and are in right now).
And my third guess is something between Emerald and Grayed Jade - I just so love those greens, and been loving them this year -
that's why I put them in 3rd position not in the first.
I really doubt that a color that has been in for a while will continue to last for another year.
What are your forecasts?